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Fragfest warmup written by KillaloT, 2009-09-04 17:25 CEST (1 comments)

Tomorrow night is the nfinity FragFest warsow 1vs1 cup. This cup will be a warmup for that tournament, and also the very first Clones-Inc warsow tournament! We're hoping that you will show support to the tournament, even though it's friday night. Please notice that there are no prize for the winner, but we hope that you will participate anyway. Thanks for everyone who signs up, and good luck in the tournament. Also sorry for the very short notice of this event!

Clones-Inc WSW Cup #1
Game: Warsow .5
Gametype: duel
Slots: 8 (16 if enough signed)
Timelimit: 10
Cup-type: Best of 3, Double Elimination
Map-pool: dm2, dm3, dm5, dm14, acidwdm2, dm6, 36dm4 (same as nfinity cup)

Start-time: 21:00 CEST
Sign-ups: 17:30-20:59 CEST
Check-In: 19:00-20:59 CEST

Make sure to join our IRC-channel #Clones-Inc @ QuakeNet, to arrange the matches. Use our Web-IRC-client [clones-inc.com], if you do not have an IRC-client installed on your computer.

Please read all the rules [wswclones.tourney.cc] before entering the tournament. You might have to pay most attention to the part regarding map-picking, as everything else is quite obvious.
#1 written by Anonymous (Zaiyah), 7 years, 3 months ago
Good to see a tlneat at work. I can't match that.
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