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King of dm5 written by KillaloT, 2009-12-04 20:34 CET (1 comments)

Clones-Inc turned 5 years the 3rd of December this year! To celebrate it all we want to give you the fun of playing an entire cup on the always loved dm5. So now the question is, who is the true King of dm5? I dare you to sign up, harharhar!

Clones-Inc: King of dm5
Game: Warsow .5
Gametype: duel
Timelimit: 10
Cup-type: Best of 1, Double Elimination
Map-pool: dm5, dm5, dm5, dm5, dm5
Admins: BRUNS, KillaloT

Date: Sunday, 13th December.
Start-time: 16:00 CET (expect break 18:00-19:30)
Check-In: 14:00-15:59 CET

Also, final will be played as Best-of-3.

Make sure to join our IRC-channel #Clones-Inc @ QuakeNet, to arrange the matches. Use our Web-IRC-client [clones-inc.com], if you do not have an IRC-client installed on your computer.
#1 written by Anonymous (Janisa), 7 years, 3 months ago
Wow, that's a really clever way of thniinkg about it!
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