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Rules - Updated: 04/09/09

§1. General
§1.1: In a team game mode, are all members of a team not required to sign up on the site, but please do if possible.
§1.2: Atleast 1 of the players who's on the team roster, has to be on #Clones-Inc @ QuakeNet during the tournament.
§1.3: Remember to record in-eye demos and capture screen shots at map end. It's not required to upload those, unless an admin asks for it.
§1.4: Please use a proper server config.
§1.5: It's possible to claim victory if your opponent has not answered nor is on the arranged server after 10 mins.

§2. Cheats
§2.1: Cheating will not be tolerated in any way, and the entire team will be banned from the current tournament. The player(s) using the cheats will be banned from future tournaments.
§2.2: Any admin can ban any player or team, in case he discovers something he would consider as cheat.

§3. Duel Tournaments
§3.1: In BO1 rounds, each player eliminates 3 maps, A-B-A-B-A-B, the first listed player eliminates first.
§3.2: In BO3 rounds, each player picks 1 map, A-B. If a tie occurs, both players eliminate 2 maps that have not been played yet, A-B-A-B, the first listed player eliminates first. The remaining map is then to be played.
§3.3: Timelimit for all maps are 10 mins.

§4. Furthermore
§4.1: We've tried to make the rules quite simple, and easy to remember. But this makes it easier to get around the rules. Admins are therefore allowed to make any decision they want in order to create a fair, fun and simple tournament for everyone!

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